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Nimbus Insight is a FULL service market research agency, providing both quantitative and qualitative research services. We customize research solutions based on the business needs of our customers.

利貝思市場研究有限公司是一家提供全面服務的市場研究機構,提供定量和定性研究服務。 我們根據客戶的業務需求定制研究解決方案。

Services include 服務包括

Focus Group Discussion 焦點小組討論會

In-depth Interviews 個人深度訪談

Online Survey via our own platform 通過自家平台進行在線調查 - (意見王) 

Face-to-face questionnaire Survey 街頭問卷調查

Telephone Survey 電話調查

Types of Research Studies: 研究類型:

Customer Satisfaction Survey 顧客滿意度調查

Staff Satisfaction Survey 員工滿意度調查

Brand Proposition Study 品牌定位策略研究

Customer Usage Behavior Study 消費者使用行為研究

Advertising Evaluation 廣告評估

New Product Development Study 新產品開發研究

And more……. 更多……

Professional Market Research: Services
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